I asked a question on SF about a piece of postmodern metafiction with a fantastic theme. Some commenters questioned if it was a fit there, but ultimately it was accepted, but did not get much attention.

Could I re-ask it here? My understanding is that cross-posting on SE is discouraged or forbidden. How different would it need to be to not violate the spirit of this rule?

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Here's what I can do. If you want it migrated here, rather than reposted here, I can throw a flag up on that question asking them to move it here. It's hardly a bad question, and it would be nice to have more examples of good story-ID questions on site.

I'm suggesting this because, for the reasons below, I'm not sure this is a good question to cross-post. Let me know if that works for you!

Cross-posting is, in my experience, generally okay if a question is:

  • acceptable on multiple sites,
  • the question is of very high quality,
  • you're asking on one site at a time,
  • the other site didn't give you the kinds of answers you wanted,
  • the other site is a worse fit for the kind of question you're asking,
  • bonus points if the question is likely to elicit different answers from the two communities.

The question you're asking about, in my eyes, is:

  • Acceptable here.
  • Has a potential issue with quality. It's not that it's a poorly-asked question, and as far as story-ID questions go this is a key example of a good one. But by site consensus, for the reasons described in the prior link, story ID questions are not regarded as the prime example of a high quality question here.

    Identification questions are like... The cabbage, radishes and shredded carrots that some sushi shops put on the platter before stacking up the meat & rice. They make the plate look nice and full, and they're something to chew on once you've eaten all the meat...

  • You asked on that site, didn't get the answer you were looking for, so asking on here is, in my mind, okay by this point.
  • Didn't get an answer on it, moot point.
  • SF&F is... just about as good a fit for this question as Literature would be, honestly. So by this point it's kind of iffy, too.
  • It's an ID question, so the answer is the same regardless of where it's posted.

SFF moderator here - I'll be happy to migrate the question for you if you'd like it on Lit instead.

Alternatively, you can delete it on SFF and re-post it here. But then you'd lose the votes on it.

There's probably no point in leaving the same question open on both sites, because there's no way the two could answer it differently - the answer will be the same no matter where. See Zyerah's answer.


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