We recently discussed spoilers on this site, and the consensus was that while spoilers in titles should be avoided, spoilers in the body of questions/answers were acceptable, and therefore that spoiler blockquotes should be avoided.

If someone posts an answer that contains spoiler blockquotes, is it acceptable to remove said spoiler blockquotes?

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If the spoiler are excessive (90% of the answer is spoiler block), it's OK to edit them down.

If they are for things that can be reasonably argued to NOT be spoilers, it's OK to edit them out (basically, if reading the text won't actually spoil any meaningful surprises for people).

If they are of reasonable size compared to non-spoiler text, leave them alone - removing them is contrary to poster's intent.


I think it should be OK to remove spoiler blockquotes. There really isn't a situation where they should be used, per meta guidelines. Therefore they should be edited out of questions or answers.

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