Most of you probably aren't aware that Literature.SE has an unofficial Tumblr blog, called One Minute Reviews. This is supposed to be where Literature.SE users can submit short reviews of basically any work of literature. Note short - it is called One Minute Reviews, after all.

What should I submit?

Reviews. Reviews of novels, reviews of short stories, reviews of comics, reviews of autobiographies... anything's game. If it'd be on-topic on the main site, it's on-topic for the blog.

It should be relatively short, though. It's not an issue to submit a review that's not super short, but just please avoid writing entire essays ;) Short to a bit long is fine; nobody is policing length that closely.

How do I submit a review?

Head to the blog. There's a hamburger menu on the top right of the page. Open it and click "submit". Then, write your review. Please make sure to put the title of the work into the title of the post, and to mention who's writing the review + link to your profile at the end of the review. Then submit!

After submitting, your post will have to get approved. (You can blame spammers.) If you notice that it hasn't gone through after a day or so, ping a mod in chat.

After you submit a review, your review might end up being linked from our Twitter, and maybe promoted a bit on other places.

So... yeah! I'd like to increase the number of reviews coming in; at the moment it's, uh, a bit small.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them down below.


Yeah, it'd be great to get more activity on that Tumblr page! Preferably, as with our site scope and topic challenges, about as diverse a selection of stories as possible.

The reason why I personally haven't written more than one review there is that most of what I read is science fiction and fantasy, and most of the reviews on the Tumblr page so far have been for works of science fiction and fantasy. I don't want to saturate it with too much of just one or two genres, so I've been waiting until there's a bigger variety of reviews of different types of stories in the backlog.

C'mon, non-SF/F fans, muck in! :-)


I'd love to participate in submitting reviews to the blog. However, I have the following two questions before I make up my mind:

  1. Who owns the copyright to the content being published on the blog? I understand from this post on MSE that the content on SE network is licensed under "cc-wiki with attribution required". Does that also apply to the community-run blog?

  2. Deriving from the first question, is it allowed to submit the review I already submitted on other review sites on the blog? Will the duplicate content cause any issue in terms of licensing, copyright, attribution, SEO, et al? Conversely, can I submit the same content that is first published on the blog to other review sites on the internet? One can safely assume that the content in question is originally generated by me, and is not copied/sourced from elsewhere.

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