I asked this question on Literature SE, related to online published e-book. But I had no clue of what tag to attach. There are no generic tags like: "E-book","Online-Literature" etc.

Since there are no tags, I think, Literature SE might not be considering questions related to e-books and online literature on topic. Is it so? If not, then please formulate tags for that.

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    Please do NOT create (or at least use) meta tags like e-book or online-literature for the purpose of tagging questions about individual works that happen to be e-books or online. Those tags should only be used (if at all) for questions dealing with generic issues involving e-books as a thing, or online literature as a phenomenon.
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    Commented Jan 19, 2017 at 17:37
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    @DVK Good catch. The acid test I use to determine if something is likely a meta tag is to ask yourself: "Is this question about the subject of [ebooks]?" (for example) In this case, the answer is almost certainly no. (i.e. so it's a meta tag to be avoided) The death of meta tags Commented Jan 19, 2017 at 21:30

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Yes, these should be on-topic.

As I've already said on a few other meta questions, why not? They're written works, and they can be just as interesting and worthy of analysis as paper books. In fact, many books are published in both forms: as a paper book and an e-book. It would be silly to allow questions about one but not the other.

Note again that quality of a written work isn't a criterion for its on-topic-ness (and would be hard to determine objectively anyway).

Create the tags yourself!

It's private beta, so anyone can create tags. A tag will exist on the site if and only if there is a question with that tag. At this stage, if you want a new tag, just create it yourself by asking a question with it. Don't worry too much about making a mistake or creating a 'wrong' tag; someone else can always edit your question if you do.

However, as mentioned in comments on the question, the tags you should be using for such questions are tags for the individual works, not an or tag. The latter would probably count as meta tags: they don't describe what the question is about, but just function as category tags. See also this answer on broad tags from Robert Cartaino.


Yes, of course. I think the limiter here is "still words vs. moving pictures." So a graphic novel (which uses illustrations to tell a story) is fine, a graphic novel sold as an e-book is fine, but movies and TV are not.

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