In accordance with our meta agreement to have topic challenges and a later meta agreement to have topic challenges lasting for two months and overlapping by one month, it is time to announce the September–October 2020 topic challenge.

Based on the number of votes, the ninth topic challenge of the year 2020 will be

the works of Nick Joaquin

What's a topic challenge?

See the meta posts linked above, and also this main meta post. In short, during September and October 2020 you are invited to try to read at least one work by the Filipino writer Nick Joaquin and ask questions about it.

Participation is not obligatory in any sense, and questions on other works are more than welcome during September and October too; they just won't count as part of this topic challenge.

How can I take part?

By getting hold of the one or more works by Nick Joaquin and asking good questions about it (or them). Questions about these works should be tagged with and either the work's title (for book-length works) or (for short stories, as the name implies). We'll keep a list of all such questions in an answer to this meta post.

Below is Tsundoku's presentation:

Nick Joaquin (1917 – 2004) was a Filipino journalist and author whose works include the following:

See also

What's next?


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List of all questions posted in this topic challenge

  1. What do Connie's two navels represent? by Tsundoku, 18/10/2020 (4 votes, 39 views).
  2. Who are/were the man and woman in Nick Joaquin's "May Day Eve"? by Rand al'Thor, 23/10/2020 (1 vote, 30 views, 1 answer).
  3. What does 'por bida man guid' mean? by Tsundoku, 23/10/2020 (1 vote, 26 views).
  4. What does ‘Kung mapatay di madeadball ’ mean? by Tsundoku, 24/10/2020 (2 votes, 21 views).
  5. What does cuatro cantos refer to? by Tsundoku, 26/10/2020 (2 votes, 28 views, 1 answer).
  6. What is the literary effect of such long opening and closing sentences in "May Day Eve"? by Rand al'Thor, 27/10/2020 (2 votes, 13 views).
  7. Does the Order of Melchizedek's professed goal to bring the Vatican Council to the masses refer to a historical reality? by Tsundoku, 31/10/2020 (2 votes, 13 views).
  • add entries in the form https://literature.stackexchange.com/questions/<question-ID> by [username](https://literature.stackexchange.com/users/<user-ID>), dd/mm/2020.

The highest-voted of these is What do Connie's two navels represent?, with a score of 4 at the end of October.

The most viewed is What do Connie's two navels represent?, with approximately 39 views during the months of September and October.

Two questions received an answer before the end of the challenge.

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