A lot of questions are posted and closed on English Language & Usage SE, including some which are asking about the meaning in context of some passage in a novel/poem/story and which would be perfectly on-topic for Literature. A few of us sporadically check the ELU site for such questions and flag them for migration, but there's probably others we're missing.

Do we want to have a standard migration path from ELU to here? Actually requesting one would need to be done on their meta, but we should get buy-in from our community before doing that.

For more info about migration, see What is migration and how does it work? The TL;DR is that a formal migration path would enable questions to be migrated directly by the ELU community, if they're off-topic for ELU and would be OK here. (ELU already has one migration path to English Language Learners, and the occasional controversy around that may result from the blurry line between ELU and ELL scopes; ELU and Lit have much more clearly different scopes.)

Questions migrated here from ELU since April (full list of migrations for users with 2k+ rep):

None of these are exceptionally highly voted, but most of them are answered, and at least two of the OPs have become active askers on Literature.

All of these were migrated thanks to manual flagging by Literature users and manual migrating by ELU elected moderators. If there were a migration path, they could have been migrated directly by the ELU community in the process of closing them. The downside, of course, is that we can't expect the ELU community to know Literature's scope exactly; there's a possibility they might migrate things we don't want, or simply close things that we would want. (In my opinion, knowing closing culture on ELU and here, the latter is far more likely, and easily surmountable by manual flagging as we do now.)


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