Our site Tour features an example question to show how the Stack Exchange system works. Currently, it's set to the default post about preventing unicorns from eating daisies (spoiler: not a real Q&A). Moderators have the power to select an actual question from the site to be featured on the Tour. But ... there is a problem! But ... there is a solution!

We already discussed this four years ago, and there are still zero questions on the site that match the usual criteria for being choosable for the Tour ("the posts have to be short, with at least two short answers (<=400 chars), shouldn't have any crazy formatting, and should be open" - where "crazy formatting" include blockquotes, headers, and lists). On this site at least, most good answers are long and many of them include some kind of formatting. So we've been stuck with unicorns and daisies since 2017.

I've now been informed by a Stack Exchange CM that it's possible for them to manually override any or all restrictions, so we can technically put any Q&A we want on the Tour page. Among the standard restrictions, I think we can keep "should be open" (duh, we don't want to promote off-topic stuff there), and "at least two [...] answers" (this helps with the part of the Tour page about accepted answers), and the unstated-on-meta criterion of having at least one comment on at least one of the answers (again, helps with part of the Tour page). If necessary, we can remove either the length or formatting restrictions.

There's a Data.SE query which finds all possible questions satisfying the usual criteria (currently none). We can modify this query to remove any of the restrictions until we have enough questions to make a decent selection. For example, here's a revision which removes the no-blockquote restriction (all other disallowed formatting types are still disallowed) and the length limit on answers (length limit on question is still there), which gives 26 questions. If you think a different set of restrictions should be lifted/kept, feel free to fiddle around further with the original query to change it. Whatever list we come up with, in the end we'll need to choose a particularly exemplary Q&A set to be displayed on our Tour page.

Which question should we choose to promote in the Tour?

  • If they override the length limit, does that mean a) the area devoted to the answer gets bigger or b) they cut off the later parts of the answer?
    – bobble
    May 12 at 14:55
  • @bobble I had presumed (a), but seems like the answer is actually (b), see PPCG's tour (question is truncated, not sure about answers but I guess the same applies).
    – Rand al'Thor Mod
    May 12 at 15:10

Proposal: Why does the Iliad start "in the middle"?

An interesting question (especially for those who know the Troy story from retellings but haven't read the original Iliad) with two answers which answer the question from different valid points of view, exploring respectively the true topic of the Iliad and its context within other literature of the time.

Both answers are short, supported by links rather than long quotes or many-paragraph explanations.


Proposal: Earliest second-person novel

A very short simple question, which is work-agnostic: not about any specific author or piece of literature, nor even any specific language. Maybe this is a good choice for the tour, not to give the appearance of placing any particular subset of literature on a pedestal.

The answers are medium-length, not very short, but even truncated to their first ~400 characters, they'd be decent answers: Tsundoku's giving specific stories with links and publication info, Gareth's starting from a general source listing many works of second-person fiction, even though he doesn't mention a specific story in the first 400 characters.


Proposal: What is the symbolism of Atticus killing the mad dog?

This is nicely on-topic, the question is terse, and there are two decent short-ish answers*, though both have formatting. Mary's comment on CHEESE's answer could be used for the example comment.

While the cutting-off is annoying, CHEESE's answer is still fine(ish) if it loses its last paragraph (bringing it to 323 chars), and muru's answer is only just over 400 chars. Or we could just edit muru's to make it 400 chars. (This isn't really possible for CHEESE's) I did:

It foreshadows the death of Ewell in a way:

  • When the dog, who has been around for years, becomes a threat to the children, Atticus's shooting skills, which haven't been seen for years, reveal themselves to deal with the threat.
  • When Bob Ewell, who also has been around for years, becomes a threat to the children, Boo Radley, who hasn't been seen for years, reveals himself to deal with the threat.

* I mean, longer answers might be better, but we need short ones for the Tour. The high votes are due to Private Beta.


Proposal: What does "Maybe it's a Big Horse I'm Morporkian" mean?

A nice question, and both answers are very short (the only reason Spagirl's goes over is the links, which is non-rendered length). However, perhaps we don't want an SF&F work as our Tour question, and the available comments aren't the best example of what comments are meant for.

  • I hang my head in shame at my frivolous use of comment privilege.
    – Spagirl
    May 13 at 10:58

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