How do I ask for examples of discussion and debate within literacy circles as part of a larger, more in depth, answer, so that a moderator won't misunderstand the question and delete it as a "recommendation" violation?

I ask this based on the premise that the desired answer is in no way a "recommendation" violation, and that any deletions on these grounds would be due to a misunderstanding, with the intention of avoiding that misunderstanding.

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Ask a specific question and good answers will include examples, references, scholarly debates, and so on, if appropriate. So don't ask "Give me some references/examples/discussions pertaining to Question", just ask "Question"!

Some examples:

A direct question is more engaging: it's about literature, not about the academic study of literature, and it gives people writing answers more freedom to deploy their own arguments and style, rather than simply carrying out a literature survey.

So in the particular case that prompted this question on Meta,

  • Don't ask: "List discussions of Lovecraft's use (or lack of use) of unreliable narrators"
    Do ask: "How reliable are Lovecraft's narrators?"
    Or better still, something like: "How reliable is the narrator in The Shadow over Innsmouth?" (the more specific, the better: you can always generalize later)
  • I've had questions like all of those shot down before for being open ended or opinion based. Commented May 24, 2022 at 20:24

Asking for examples is rather difficult on Stack Exchange, but sometimes there is a way around the "give-me-some-examples-of-X taboo":

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