LitSE considers recommendation questions off topic. This seems pretty sensible to me; I imagine they generate a lot of vague discussion that doesn't suit a question-answer site.

I propose that requests for scholarly literature on clear, specific topics should be excluded from this. If well-formed, they can be specific questions with clear answers backed by empirical evidence. Conflicting evidence can be argued about in a meaningful technical way.

Possible example questions that might fit this form:

  • "What are well-known critical works analyzing the colonial themes in the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick?" Evidence: specific works, citation stats, teaching curricula.
  • Are there any scholarly analyses of the covers of Penguin Classics, Oxford Classics, etc.? This one could have a more carefully worded question if we had a clearer guideline.
  • "What was the critical consensus around the early Doctor Who novels?" Evidence: particular newspaper articles or other essays from the timeframe.

Edit: Related questions: What are the rules for resource requests? (from comments)



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