In accordance with our meta agreement to have topic challenges and a later meta agreement to have topic challenges lasting for two months and overlapping by one month, it is time to announce the April–May 2023 topic challenge.

Based on the number of votes (+5), our 67th topic challenge will be

the works of Abdulrazak Gurnah

What's a topic challenge?

See the meta posts linked above, and also this main Meta post. In short, during April and May 2023 you are invited to try to get hold of a work by Abdulrazak Gurnah and ask questions about it.

Participation is not obligatory in any sense, and questions on other works are more than welcome during April and May too; they just won't count as part of this topic challenge.

How can I take part?

By getting hold of one or more works by Abdulrazak Gurnah and

  • asking good questions about it or
  • answering questions that have been posted as part of this challenge or
  • writing a review of a book by or about Gurnah on our Tumblr blog.

Questions about these works should be tagged and the work's title (if it is a book-length work). We'll keep a list of all such questions in an answer to this meta post.

Below is EJoshuaS - Stand with Ukraine's presentation:

Abdulrazak Gurnah is a Zanzibar-born (now Tanzania) novelist who won the 2021 Literature Nobel Prize for his works, especially his work on the impact of colonialism.

The Wall Street Journal article on his Nobel prize is available here.

What's next?

1 Answer 1


List of all questions posted in this topic challenge

  1. Why did Yusuf's father have a silver rupee in his pocket? by EJoshuaS - Stand With Ukraine, 04/04/2023 (8 votes, HNQ, 1 answer).
  2. Why did Gurnah title this story "Cages"? by Rand al'Thor, 08/04/2023 (2 votes, 1 answer).
  3. Why did Yusuf own both a Rosary and a Koran? by EJoshuaS - Stand With Ukraine, 15/04/2023 (2 votes, 2 answers).
  4. Was Aziz actually Yusuf's uncle? by EJoshuaS - Stand With Ukraine, 22/04/2023 (1 vote, 0 answers).
  5. Where is the story "Cages" set? by Rand al'Thor, 29/05/2023 (2 votes, 1 answer).
  6. add entries in the form https://literature.stackexchange.com/questions/<question-ID> by [username](https://literature.stackexchange.com/users/<user-ID>), dd/mm/2023.

The highest-voted of these is Why did Yusuf's father have a silver rupee in his pocket?, with a score of 8 at the end of May.

The most viewed is probably Why did Yusuf's father have a silver rupee in his pocket?, because it reached HNQ.

4 questions received at least one answer.

Reviews submitted to our Tumblr blog: none.

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