Yesterday, @verbose created a new tag for the question What is the evidence that Jonathan Swift wrote "The Grand Mystery"? and @CDR added it to the old question What evidence do scholars offer on both sides as to the authorship of "The Dark Tower"? It makes sense to have such a tag, as asking about the authorship of a work of literature is a common type of question we might see on this site. However, there are enough issues to be considered here that I thought it was worth a meta post to discuss them together:

  1. Do we want this tag? (If anyone opposes its creation, now would be the time to say so.)
  2. What should be the definition of the tag? (Let's write a good tag wiki and excerpt to clarify it.)
  3. Does the tag name make sense? (Is it likely to be misused, based on its name, for other types of questions than what it's intended for?)
  4. What old questions should have this tag? (This search would make a reasonable start.)


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