Can we please have and as synonyms? In SFF, the latter is popular and in Movies.SE, the former. I think both are likely to be used here. (I personally prefer the former as the master, but either would do.)

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I mod-renamed the tags to .

But a tag synonym isn't necessary here. This is a short-term problem because the reputation to create new tags is lowered to private-beta/boot-strapping levels. Once the site gets going, it becomes much harder to inadvertently create new tags where a simple variation already exists. Text completion helps guide users to the correct usage:


Synonyms were intended to link two completely separate words meaning essentially the same thing (think 'car' vs 'auto'). Everything else only bulks up the tag listings needlesslly.

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Yes we should and now we have question with both the tags too.

But it's better to keep as the primary tag as it's part of official name too.

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