This message by Rand al'Thor is starred in Literature chat:

Message reads: "@E.Bob Hello! This is the reading room ..."

In the sidebar it looks like this:

Message reads: "@@1208@literature.stackexchange.com Hello! This is the reading room ..."

I imagine that should say @E.Bob not @@[email protected]. Turns out I can ping people with that second format though!

I got curious about the significance of that "1208"; turns out E.Bob is user #1208 on Literature SE.

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Yeah, that's what happens when chat messages containing superpings get starred.

There's been a bug report about this on main meta, Superpings don't show user name in sidebar, which has been for the last two years. I guess it's not a high-priority thing to fix. The double-ping syntax for superpings doesn't really need to be a big secret - there's no way for non-mods to abuse this information, since they can't use superpings anyway - so it's not a disastrous leak when it appears on the star-board. The only issue, then, is that it looks ugly, which ... well, meh.

  • The superping syntax is officially public knowledge, so as you say there's no problem with it being revealed, and it could be seen on a message's history page anyway. But it's weird that the star board (sidebar) can render (almost?) every other kind of inline formatting chat allows, but not @@ pings. I noticed this with the short, numeric-only form of a superping recently, when a message containing chat-id superpings was starred in a chat room. Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 9:56

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