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I asked a question about literature that was closed. Someone recommended that I try posting the question on another website. What are some good recommendations for other websites that would be a good fit for questions that would be closed here? In addition, are there any off-line communities (e.g. book clubs?) that would be a good place to discuss questions that would be closed here?

When answering this question, please post one website per answer. That way people can vote on which suggestions they feel are useful.


Your local library

If you have a local library, it is a great resource. They have free books! Librarians are a fantastic resource that can answer all sorts of question. I've gotten book recommendations from librarians, they've helped me with my research... they're a fantastic resource! And many libraries have social groups such as book clubs.

You can find the location of the nearest local library using a fantastic website called WorldCat.



Goodreads is a social networking site that allows people to review books. It has a recommendation engine that recommends books based on what you've already read and liked. The site also has social networking features: for example, you can create lists of books and share those lists with friends.

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    I wouldn't go as far as calling Goodreads a social networking site, but it's good for recommendations. +1, didn't think of this one. – Gallifreyan Jun 23 '17 at 16:20


Reddit doesn't have a be nice policy, which is why I, for the most part, no longer post there. (I used to be a moderator on an active subreddit BTW). But it has some good literary subreddits. /r/askliterarystudies is good for academic questions, /r/books and /r/literature are good for more casual conversations. It's not particularly my cup of tea, given the lack of a be nice policy, but you might find the site useful.



If you want literature recommendations, try this site. Simply put in three authors you like and it'll recommend a selection of similar authors for you that you can then thumbs up or thumbs down through which it further fine-tunes its selection. Not always accurate, but can be fun and occasionally helpful.



This resource may be available at your local library. If you like a specific genre or something within a genre, then you may use the resource to find your ideal books. A record may show interesting information, such as book reviews, popularity ranking, writing style, a brief summary, and tags that link to other books.

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