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Why are questions about censorship on-topic? [duplicate]

We've had several questions come up about why certain books are censored or banned in certain regions of the world. While this is interesting, I don't see how it actually relates to the study of ...
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Off-topic for lack of research? [duplicate]

Why cannot questions on the main site be flagged as off-topic due to lack of research? The option is not there.
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How do we ensure that questions on this site attract scholars and enthusiasts?

Intro: Building our Community Our tour says that we aim to be "a question and answer site for scholars and enthusiasts of literature." I'm definitely an enthusiast, and I have a fair bit of ...
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How big a role should quotes play in answers?

I've seen a lot of answers within the last day or two that consist largely - or almost entirely - of quotes from authors or their works. I understand that it's always important to look back at the ...
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Should questions asking for the availability of a translation be on-topic?

Certain shopping questions might not be about shopping at all. For instance, questions asking whether a particular work has ever been translated to a particular language. One example is this ...
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Deletion of answer based on Reddit posts? was removed because "it is substantively only copied from other places.". Citing and reproducing content from other websites, appears allowed? See ...
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How much self-research should we be encouraging

One of the comments on my question Is the impenetrability of Chapter 14 of Ulysses deliberate, or a consequence of its stylistic pastiches? gently chided me for not showing the research effort I'd put ...
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Proposal: Require explicit support for conjecture questions

Conjecture Questions In Lit.SE's activity so far, I've noticed a type of posts I think of as Conjecture Questions -- posts that define a thesis or a proposition, and their question to the site is, "...
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What kind of research is expected for questions here?

The tooltip for downvotes says "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful." That being said, what constitutes adequate research effort? For that matter, what do we ...
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What are some common reasons that people downvote?

Note: This is partially a follow-up to this Meta post. It is also inspired by for Stack Overflow, which features explanations of common downvote reasons and tips on how to ...
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Should we require questions to contextualize why they were asked?

Lately, I've been thinking about a common thread between questions that seem to be an... issue on Literature. We've gotten a lot of questions that have been downvoted, and sometimes closed, sometimes ...
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