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Is literary non-fiction on-topic? [duplicate]

Literary non-fiction is a form of non-fiction, in which the author uses the techniques of literature to describe a factually accurate account of a true occurrence. Is this on topic?
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Who are the experts? Not us. We've grown a philosophical bezoar - let's work this through!

Buckle up, this is gonna be a journey. We're pretty early into the site's existence. Things are rolling along nicely. We're hanging around a whopping 45 questions a day, and we've got the rocky ...
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Should we allow questions about religious texts?

Science-Fiction & Fantasy has a policy of excluding all religious texts. This makes sense because SFF is about fiction, and stating that a particular religious text is fictional is pretty ...
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Does Oral-Literature count as literature here?

I got into a small discussion with Hamlet (site mod), over this answer of mine. In the comments Hamlet said: Oral literature counts as literature. Just because people don't write things down doesn'...
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How to refer to religious texts on this site?

Our site scope has established that both fiction and non-fiction can be on-topic, and so are questions about religious texts. The latter meta discussion included some asides about how religious texts ...
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Are we ready to say what's on topic?

The ‘What topics can I ask about here?’ section in the Help Centre currently apologises for being unable to say what is on topic: Unfortunately, we haven't been around for that long and therefore don'...
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What kinds of mythological questions are on topic?

Understanding the context and influences of certain pieces of literature requires understanding the mythology of the culture it came out of. So I would think some questions about mythology should be ...
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Should dictionaries be on-topic?

Recently two questions about dictionaries have been posted here: Is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) a descriptive dictionary? Has there ever been an African-American Vernacular English dictionary?...
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Are Movie companion books on-topic?

Movie companion books, as I personally define them, are books that are released in conjunction with (or after) the release of a movie, maybe even sometimes before. They typically add information ...
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Replace [narrator] tag with [point-of-view]?

We currently have a tag narrator that as of today has 21 questions associated with it. The tag wiki excerpt says: Questions related to the concept of "narrator" in literature, i.e. the &...
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Can questions about a movie/TV show/video be on-topic? If so, which ones?

We had a recent question about a series of YouTube videos. The question boiled down to "this line seemed to reference something that was said in a previous video, what is it referring to?" ...
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