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When should I use an author tag?

If I my question is about a certain book by an author, should I use the tag for both the book and the author? Or just the book? What's the purpose of these author tags in the first place and when can ...
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Can we increase the maximum tag length?

Is there any way we can increase the maximum tag length to something bigger than 25 characters? Right now, our site tags questions by book titles. Unfortunately, many book titles are longer than ...
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Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books? [duplicate]

I can't help but notice that already, we have a lot of tags. I've gone through them and seen quite a few tags with a specific name of a book, with maybe 1 or 2 posts on it. I'm thinking that okay, ...
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Do we need such broad tags on questions about specific works?

It has come up in chat that the usage and existence of such broad tags as russian-literature or short-stories (or mexico) on questions asking about specific works are debatable. On one hand, they ...
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Is [german-literature] about literature in German or from Germany?

Is german-literature about literature in German or from Germany? The tag american-literature seems to suggest that german-literature should be about literature from Germany. However, I think it is ...
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What should new users do if they're asking a question about a book that doesn't have a tag yet?

On chat, Ash, who doesn't have enough reputation to create tags [ yet :) ] pointed out a problem with our tagging system. Given that we use title and author tags, it's hard for new users to ask ...
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A proposal for [poetry] and [short-stories]

We've had a couple of discussions about these tags already: Is [poetry] too broad / how should we use the tag? How should we use [short-stories]? Consensus in both cases was to keep the tags, but ...
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Do we want to tag questions by the titles of books (part 2)?

Early in the beta, community member Beastly Gerbil started a meta conversation titled Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books?. So far, we generally have been tagging questions ...
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Spaces and initialism in tagging styles

I just saw a tag get "corrected" to imply that there's space between the initials of an author who doesn't put spaces between her initials. In fact, neither JK Rowling nor the Tolkien Estate use ...
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Can we become an exception to the 5-tag limit?

Stack Exchange doesn't allow a single question to have more than 5 tags. Here on Literature, this can be a problem and mean we need to remove tags which 'should' really be on the question. For ...
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