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Is [poetry] too broad / how should we use the tag? [duplicate]

The poetry tag seems like it won't be a good fit here. It currently seems to be used on all questions about poems. This seems not good to me - it's like having a books tag. Should we burninate poetry,...
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Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books? [duplicate]

I can't help but notice that already, we have a lot of tags. I've gone through them and seen quite a few tags with a specific name of a book, with maybe 1 or 2 posts on it. I'm thinking that okay, ...
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How do I tag questions properly?

How do I tag questions properly? I see that all questions here have tags, but I do not understand the reason behind the tags. What are the tagging rules? People keep editing the tags on my questions. ...
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What should new users do if they're asking a question about a book that doesn't have a tag yet?

On chat, Ash, who doesn't have enough reputation to create tags [ yet :) ] pointed out a problem with our tagging system. Given that we use title and author tags, it's hard for new users to ask ...
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New tag for musicals? Or use author + title tags?

For questions about theatrical musicals, should a musicals/musical tag be created? Or should the work just be tagged using its title and author? For example, should a question about the musical ...
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How should we tag questions about song lyrics?

Currently, we have a number of song-lyrics questions. Currently, all of them are tagged with [song-lyrics] and the name of the artist who wrote the song. Should we also include a tag for the specific ...
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Should we use the [poems] or [poetry] tag, and can we make one a synonym of the other?

Right now, this site has a poems tag and a poetry tag. Which tag should we use? I'm partial to poetry, since the word "poetry" refers to the art form, while "poems" refers to poem in the plural. ...
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How should we use [short-stories]?

What questions should we use short-stories for? Most questions about short stories currently lack it so should we burninate it? If not, should we add it to all questions about all short stories?
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Can we become an exception to the 5-tag limit?

Stack Exchange doesn't allow a single question to have more than 5 tags. Here on Literature, this can be a problem and mean we need to remove tags which 'should' really be on the question. For ...
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Tagging on short stories that are part of collections

I recently asked a question about a well known short story, "The Mezzotint". I tagged it with the author name and the name of the book in which it was first published, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. I ...
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