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Suggest your Lit.SE reading challenges here! [duplicate]

A few days ago, I asked about starting up reading challenges, with a particular goal in mind. Many of our questions are about the same authors, the same stories, the same genres, the same cultures. ...
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Can we increase the maximum tag length?

Is there any way we can increase the maximum tag length to something bigger than 25 characters? Right now, our site tags questions by book titles. Unfortunately, many book titles are longer than ...
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Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books? [duplicate]

I can't help but notice that already, we have a lot of tags. I've gone through them and seen quite a few tags with a specific name of a book, with maybe 1 or 2 posts on it. I'm thinking that okay, ...
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Announcing the April 2017 Topic Challenge: "Hard to Be a God"

After the support gained here for the idea of regular topic challenges on Literature as a way of hopefully broadening our cultural scope, a new post was set up here to gather suggestions for specific ...
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How will we avoid literature snobbery?

Literary analysis, and literature in general, is prone to a lot of cliquish cross-subject sniping and condescension. Bardolatry and the Authorship Question, the validity/dignity of [romance novels/YA ...
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Kill the zombies (unanswered questions)

Over on Code Review there's a post called Call of Duty - we're on a mission. It discussed the high number of unanswered questions on the site and what to do about them. With the recent site ...
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Is it time to update the tour page, or at least the example question?

I was just browsing, for no reason at all, the Tour page, and noticed it's in the same infant state as it was in the beginning of private beta. Having a an informative tour page is important, ...
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Do we want to tag questions by the titles of books (part 2)?

Early in the beta, community member Beastly Gerbil started a meta conversation titled Should we be tagging questions with the names of specific books?. So far, we generally have been tagging questions ...
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What is the purpose of the myths tag?

What is the point of the myths tag? We have tags like poetry, short-stories, song-lyrics, and oral-tradition, where the tag conveys something about the medium, e.g. a song lyric is meant to be sung. ...
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References on specific pieces of literature

Is asking for references to criticism/essays/articles/etc. relating to a specific piece of literature on topic here? I went ahead and asked such a question on the main site: Is there much critical ...
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