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Our site can be cold, unforgiving, and unapproachable. We're driving people away. What should we do about it?

This is shaping up to be a bit more of a rant than I meant it, but this is a serious problem, and I'm growing increasingly frustrated. I feel this is something we need to explore. A good community is ...
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How do we ensure that questions on this site attract scholars and enthusiasts?

Intro: Building our Community Our tour says that we aim to be "a question and answer site for scholars and enthusiasts of literature." I'm definitely an enthusiast, and I have a fair bit of ...
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Why was the previous Literature SE closed?

What's the history behind the first Literature StackExchange? Why was it closed? How can we avoid the same thing from happening to this one?
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Does Oral-Literature count as literature here?

I got into a small discussion with Hamlet (site mod), over this answer of mine. In the comments Hamlet said: Oral literature counts as literature. Just because people don't write things down doesn'...
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What should we do about snarky comments denigrating specific works?

There's a trend on SciFi.SE, where any mentions of works that are less popular with fans (Dune prequels, Highlander II, Matrix sequels, Star Wars prequels) are frequently met with snarky comments ...
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Site evaluation: how are we doing at half a year old?

It's been 183 days since we launched; we're half a year old! How are we doing? What are people's goals for the site? Are we on track to meet those goals? Please share any and all feedback.
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What are the rules for asking about song lyrics?

The community consensus is that song lyrics are on topic. I agree with this policy 100% - this could be a great "draw" for the site, too, because it seems like there's a dearth of quality information ...
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Should we rethink our policy on story identification questions / identification requests?

Almost a year ago, verbose asked How do we ensure that questions on this site attract scholars and enthusiasts? In my second answer to that question, I wrote that identification-request questions are ...
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Suggestion: a popular culture/pop cul tag be added

I visited the Reading Room for the first time today and tossed in my two cents about the fate of manga, comics, and manhua. It then occurred to me that there is no popular-culture but there should be. ...
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How can I access a reply/comment on a deleted question?

I posted a comment on the question What does claim to notoriety mean in this sentence?, in which I suggested that there was no special meaning, the words meant what they normally mean, and therefore ...
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