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Questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, etc.

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What to do with identification request answers that are confirmed to be inaccurate?

Suppose a question that is an identification request gets answered, and the OP then confirms that it is not the title they were looking for. (case in point:
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What sort of backup is needed for a good experience-based answer?

Among the many different kinds of evidence that might be used to support an answer on this site (passages from a story, quotes from an author, citations to published analyses, close reading, well-...
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Why is it important for answers to explain why their answer is correct?

I've noticed that several recent answers have received downvotes because they don't explain why the answer is correct. For example: Hi, welcome to Literature Stack Exchange! Can you please add ...
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What makes for a strong answer on this site, and conversely, when should an answer be downvoted?

I'd like to start by mentioning that I'm an active, high-rep user on several SE sites, including ELU, Philosophy, Writers and Parenting. I supported this site in its formation stage, and have been ...
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How can I write good interpretation or meaning answers?

I found a question about the interpretation or meaning of a text that I want to answer. I've noticed that such answers, in many ways, a lot harder to write compared to answers on other Stack Exchange ...
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When is an answer not an answer?

The following answer to my Turing question has been flagged as not an answer. There's an argument for it being an answer, and there's also an argument for it not being an answer. We the moderators ...
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How to indicate what kind of answer you're looking for?

This is something that I personally struggle with, and I've seen other people have problems with it too. Let's say that I ask a question on the main site, and I have certain preferences about how ...
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Let's get answering [duplicate]

As of today, we have 413 questions and 399 answers on our site. Coming off of such a strong and engaged private beta, it's disappointing to see that our answers/question ratio is less than 1. Ideally, ...
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How do we answer questions asking for prior examples if there are none?

I've noticed that we're getting a lot of questions like this one. I'm picking this question not in specific, but because it's a good example of a general question I had. Sometimes, questions like ...
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