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How do I ask a good question about the meaning of a passage?

I'm having trouble understanding a passage in a book I'm reading. How do I ask a good question about it on Literature Stack Exchange? What information do I need to include to help people find the ...
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Should we bowdlerise obscenities in question titles?

For example, In "Fuck Blocher", why does Bligg say he speaks for the swiss youth and secondos? - should the title say "Fuck Blocher" or "F*** Blocher"? Arguments for F***: it avoids ...
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How do I ask homework questions on Literature Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Mainly copied from What is the policy on asking homework questions on Literature Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework ...
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What kind of research is expected for questions here?

The tooltip for downvotes says "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful." That being said, what constitutes adequate research effort? For that matter, what do we ...
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Why did these questions receive downvotes?

I have several questions related to song lyrics: Why does "Nighttime Birds" associate night with warmth? Are there two separate narrators in "On Most Surfaces" by The Gathering? ...
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What are the rules for asking about song lyrics?

The community consensus is that song lyrics are on topic. I agree with this policy 100% - this could be a great "draw" for the site, too, because it seems like there's a dearth of quality information ...
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Are questions on authors' personalities and/or recent activities on topic?

I was curious about two topics: why is Bill Watterson so reclusive and what's he been doing for the last 20 years since he stopped writing Calvin and Hobbes? Are those appropriate questions for this ...
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How to indicate what kind of answer you're looking for?

This is something that I personally struggle with, and I've seen other people have problems with it too. Let's say that I ask a question on the main site, and I have certain preferences about how ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to decide where to post questions that are on-topic for multiple sites

I recently posted this question about the Harry Potter series on SciFi SE. It's clearly on-topic there and received a number of upvotes. However, I am curious - would that question have been ...
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2 answers

Is a question asking about the real-life inspiration for ALL characters in a book too broad?

Would a question that asks for the inspirations for all or any character in a book be considered too broad? There is some precedent for questions that appear to have done that, and have not been ...
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Is it on topic to ask about events not specifically covered in a book?

I read a book in which there is a short epilogue many years after the events of the main story. I want to know if it is acceptable to ask questions about what happened in the interim. As the book ...
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Reading requirements

Do I have to read a book before I ask a question about it? Can I ask questions about books I haven't finished reading yet? Do I have to read a book several times before I ask a question about it?
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How should Literature.SE handle in-universe questions?

This is a bit more of an abstract question, but it's one that I think is going to become pretty important. It's also not something we're going to be able to resolve in a day, but I wanted to kick off ...
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