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For questions about badges, the tokens added to a user's profile as rewards for certain achievements on the site.

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Promote our site and earn a Booster badge or a Publicist badge!

Stack Exchange awards badges to people who promote our site. The Announcer badge is awarded to anyone who shares a link to a question that is later visited by 25 unique IP addresses. The Booster ...
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What are the criteria for the Beta badge?

The Beta badge is supposed to be awarded when you: Voted 10 times, added 3 posts score > 0, and visited the site on 3 separate days during the private beta. But there are plenty of us who've voted ...
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When will Literature get its own badges?

This is my first time to participate in an SE beta. I've gotten a badge or two already, but I noticed that they show up in my notifications as the same shape as whatever other SE sites use (i.e., a ...
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