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Questions about the concept of a community-run Literature Stack Exchange blog.

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Why does Literature have a Tumblr blog?

From this post, we know that there is a dedicated blog on Tumblr. It is being used to publish reviews of works of literature. But reviews don't really fit under the QA model that SE sites follow. Why,...
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Submit your literature reviews to our Tumblr!

Most of you probably aren't aware that Literature.SE has an unofficial Tumblr blog, called One Minute Reviews. This is supposed to be where Literature.SE users can submit short reviews of basically ...
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We have a community run tumblr; here's how you can contribute [duplicate]

Literature now has a community run tumblr. It's titled "One Minute Reviews", and its purpose, as the title implies, is to post quick reviews of literature. Tumblr was chosen to host the blog because ...
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Literature SE blog?

This might be too early into the public beta to ask this, but should we have an un-official blog, like Worldbuilding.SE does?
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