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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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How can I access a reply/comment on a deleted question?

I posted a comment on the question What does claim to notoriety mean in this sentence?, in which I suggested that there was no special meaning, the words meant what they normally mean, and therefore ...
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Blocked by "You can only post once every 40 minutes." after a failed post

I attempted to post a question, but forgot to type in a title. After filling in a title, I was blocked by a 40 minute timer. Is this the intended behavior? Since my attempt was blocked because of ...
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Are our traffic statistics broken?

A few days ago, our Area 51 statistics listed our "visits/day" as around 1500. Today, this statistic is listed as 25. Our site analytics also show a surprising drop in site traffic in the last day. ...
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Why was a user able to post a question with just the 'untagged' tag?

Today on Literature, a user was able to post a question with the untagged tag by itself. If you look at the first revision of this question, you can see it: And they did this on purpose. From ...
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"Recently Undeleted" posts in the mod tools are almost unreadable

I was browsing through the mod tools (only visible to users with >2k rep, sorry) and saw this: The "Recently Deleted" posts show up just fine, but the "Recently Undeleted" ones are so pale as to be ...
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A user (super?)ping is showing up incorrectly in the chat star list

This message by Rand al'Thor is starred in Literature chat: In the sidebar it looks like this: I imagine that should say @E.Bob not Turns out I can ping people ...
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Old Literature Stack Exchange migration links no longer work properly

I've been browsing elsewhere on Stack Exchange, and I noticed that a few questions that have been migrated redirect to Literature via their post numbers - as they should. An example is What order ...
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Unable to review close votes

I'm not quite sure why this is, but when I try to review close votes, the only option I have is 'Skip.' A screenshot: Is this because of my low rep?