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Questions tagged [close-reasons]

For questions about close reasons, such as how to choose the correct close reason, proposals for new close reasons or improved wording of the existing close reasons, etc.

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Can we change the wording of the primarily opinion based close reason?

This site deals about topics that are substantially more subjective than the average Stack Exchange site. And as a result, there is a lot of confusion about the primarily opinion based closed reason. ...
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2 answers

Is it time to discuss custom close reasons?

There comes a point in every beta site where custom close reasons are discussed and created. I have been with this site for a while (though not from the beginning), and I'd like to hear from the ...
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Proposal: Require explicit support for conjecture questions

Conjecture Questions In Lit.SE's activity so far, I've noticed a type of posts I think of as Conjecture Questions -- posts that define a thesis or a proposition, and their question to the site is, "...
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A Question about ‘List Questions’

This question about works using the second person has been closed as Off-Topic. In comments, opinions have been offered that the question is open-ended to many answers And could result in a list ...
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Care needed over the "too broad" close reason

This question ("Doubts concerning Chapter 15 of Persuasion by Jane Austen") was closed today as "too broad". I would like to invite the close voters to reconsider. The reasons that I think the ...
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Audience-specific texts for our "recommendation request" custom close reason

Last year (2020) saw some changes to the question closure system across the SE network. One of the changes was to introduce audience-specific texts for custom close reasons, so that the OP, close ...
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4 answers

Do either/both of these two questions fall under our "recommendations" close reason?

Two recent questions have been flagged for closure as recommendation requests but (at the time of writing) have not actually been closed: Have there been any works of literature featuring the ...
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Should we replace the "Primarily Opinion-Based" close reason with the old "Not Constructive" close reason?

In the past, people have criticized the "primarily opinion-based" close vote reason by saying "well, aren't most of our questions kind of opinion-based"? (This has definitely been a discussion on a ...
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