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Questions related to comments, i.e. the small addenda to a question or an answer.

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Please take the time to tailor-write comments for new users' questions

I saw this today: The second comment there is attributed to the Community user, which is a feature from the last review queue update. And... it's significantly less useful than the first one.* While ...
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What do we think about answers-in-comments for recommendation questions?

I've been mulling over this for a while myself, ever since I saw this comment, on a question asking for recommendations for poetry like "The Raven": A couple of ideas: "The Pied Piper ...
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Is there a list of comment templates available?

I have often seen our moderators leave detailed and helpful comments, usually to new users. Some examples from the front page right now: Hi and welcome to Literature Stack Exchange. I have noticed ...
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I couldn't comment on your site because my rating was below 50

I am new to technology and I have never commented before. This strange form of discrimination seems a little unfair for those of us who don't spend their lives glued to social media. Please help a ...
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Should we be using comments as substitutes for answers?

I've been noticing that this site has been using comments as substitutes for answers in quite a few questions. Examples: 1, 2. I've probably done this a few times myself. I think one explanation ...
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How do I add links into comments?

I was trying to direct a person to the tour when I realized that I did not know how to put links in comments. How do I do it?
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What should we do about snarky comments denigrating specific works?

There's a trend on SciFi.SE, where any mentions of works that are less popular with fans (Dune prequels, Highlander II, Matrix sequels, Star Wars prequels) are frequently met with snarky comments ...
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