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Questions related to down votes / downvotes, such as downvote etiquette, badges related to downvoting, etc.

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What makes for a strong answer on this site, and conversely, when should an answer be downvoted?

I'd like to start by mentioning that I'm an active, high-rep user on several SE sites, including ELU, Philosophy, Writers and Parenting. I supported this site in its formation stage, and have been ...
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1 vote
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Why was my question about Watership Down downvoted?

This is a copy of my question about Watership Down, which I have since deleted. I have the 2005 version of the book Watership Down. I have just read it, and also, I have read an offline review ...
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17 votes
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Should we embrace non-Googlers?

Common Stack Network policy is to embrace non-Googlers. The Stack Exchange wants to be a place Google sends folks, not a place that sends folks to Google. Unfortunately, many sites and some of our ...
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