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Questions tagged [duplicate-questions]

Questions about the closing of questions as duplicates and site policies on when to close a question as a duplicate or not.

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3 votes
3 answers

What should be our standard for closing identification-request questions as duplicates?

This question is motivated by the following three questions: (A) Lawyer sacrifices life for his activist friend by taking his place in prison (B) Can't remember book title: a journalist converses ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is this site's policy on closing story-identifications as duplicates when they are not accepted?

On Science Fiction, we have this well-agreed on policy on closing story-identification questions as duplicates: story-identification questions should only be closed as duplicates where both answers ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What to do about a general answer to a specific question?

I answered a question about a specific book, Why are place names obscured in Charlotte Brontë's The Professor?, with a very general answer which covers the reasons why place names (or for ...
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2 answers

Duplicate questions about authorial intent?

We currently have three questions about authorial intent on this site: How much weight is given to authors' intentions in literary analysis? The author of a literary work disagrees with critics ...
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