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For questions relating to proper etiquette on Literature SE in any aspect of participation — posting questions, answers, comments, chat messages — or moderation — flagging, editing, tagging, reviewing. Broad etiquette guidelines when participating in this community are outlined in the Code of Conduct (CoC).

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8 votes
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Etiquette for using this SE's ideas in an academic environment

I am currently exploring The Great Gatsby with a peer group and was wondering what the etiquette is for referencing the ideas of people on Literature SE who have generously shared their thoughts on my ...
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4 votes
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Is it kosher to copy questions from the Area 51 Definition phase?

Back in the Definition stage in Area 51, Literature attracted a total of 84 example questions, 40 of which received at least ten upvotes. But not all of these questions have yet been asked here on the ...
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21 votes
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How will we avoid literature snobbery?

Literary analysis, and literature in general, is prone to a lot of cliquish cross-subject sniping and condescension. Bardolatry and the Authorship Question, the validity/dignity of [romance novels/YA ...
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