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Questions about the help center of Literature Stack Exchange, including questions about the formulation of sections that can be edited by moderators.

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Are we ready to say what's on topic?

The ‘What topics can I ask about here?’ section in the Help Centre currently apologises for being unable to say what is on topic: Unfortunately, we haven't been around for that long and therefore don'...
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7 answers

Let's choose an example question for the Tour (restrictions can be lifted)

Edit after voting on answers: Why does the Iliad start "in the middle"? has emerged as the favourite choice for the new example Tour question. I'm now tagging this meta post as status-review ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Is it time to update the tour page, or at least the example question?

I was just browsing, for no reason at all, the Tour page, and noticed it's in the same infant state as it was in the beginning of private beta. Having a an informative tour page is important, ...
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Are questions asking to critique the OP's work on topic?

We recently received a question about a haiku-like poem written by the OP. Formally, the question seemed to ask for interpretations of the poem, but it also asked what the effect would be of replacing ...
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2 answers

Could /help/on-topic be filled in?

I am new to this site and wanted to check what's considered on-topic. So I went to the /help/on-topic page and found it's just the boilerplate text with no real information. As mentioned I'm not ...
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Can the name of Writers.SE be changed to Writing.SE in the Help Center?

The Help Center, specifically the page What topics can I ask about here?, currently says: Questions about creating literature yourself—you may want to try the Writers Stack Exchange. Writers....