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Questions about quotations in questions and answers.

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Attribution of translated quotations

Is it not policy on this site that quoted matter should be attributed to its author? If the quotation has been translated from its original language, does the translator deserve attribution as well? ...
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If I remember reading a book but don't have it in front of me to quote from, is it worth writing an answer?

I use the library a lot. This means that I often read books that I later no longer have access to. There have been times when someone has asked a question about a book that I read but no longer have ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How much quoting is too much quoting?

Let's review Stack Exchange's official guidelines for citing sources: When you find a useful resource that can help answer a question (from another site or in an answer on Literature Stack Exchange)...
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25 votes
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What are some good (legal) resources for finding the text of books?

Many good answers on this site are going to require quoting passages of the text of a novel, poem, play, or other piece of literature. Thus, knowing where to find such passages is going to be very ...
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Please include precise citations in your posts

If you quote or paraphrase a work of literature or other in a post here, please include a precise citation that allows others to find the passage in situ. I've noticed many posts on this site that ...
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How big a role should quotes play in answers?

I've seen a lot of answers within the last day or two that consist largely - or almost entirely - of quotes from authors or their works. I understand that it's always important to look back at the ...
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