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16 votes
2 answers

Should this XKCD question be closed, and why?

What were the original two results for 'died in a blogging accident'? This question about an XKCD comic currently has three votes to close, and Hamlet♦ has left a comment saying he'd be happy ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Do either/both of these two questions fall under our "recommendations" close reason?

Two recent questions have been flagged for closure as recommendation requests but (at the time of writing) have not actually been closed: Have there been any works of literature featuring the ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Is this question about Percy Shelley’s adulation for poetry now clear enough to be reopened?

I edited this question: Isn't Percy Shelley’s adulation for poetry bombastically platitudinous and vapid? It should now be clearer; does it still deserve to be closed?
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