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For questions about spoilers and spoilertagging in posts on the main site.

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Spoiler feature

Like Goodreads, can we feature the spoiler feature here as well (both in questions and answers) to make it a better experience for the users? What I mean by this is using it like we see it on Puzzling ...
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Should spoiler warnings be included in question titles?

We've previously come to the consensus that spoilers should not be included in question titles. However, some community members on this site have been including spoiler warnings in the question title....
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3 answers

Is it acceptable to remove spoiler blockquotes from questions and answers?

We recently discussed spoilers on this site, and the consensus was that while spoilers in titles should be avoided, spoilers in the body of questions/answers were acceptable, and therefore that ...
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Should we assume that questions about a book spoil that book, or should we use spoiler markup?

The title pretty much sums it up. It seems plausible to me that an assumption that a question about a book is liable to contain spoilers is enough reason to not use spoiler markup. I wanted to ask and ...
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