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For questions about the behavior or usage of tags and the tagging system (the keywords attached to question to categorize them). To request renaming/merging of specific tags, use [retag-request].

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Keeping tags clean from the start

I want to provide some basic reminders regarding tags. As many of you will know from the other SE sites you participate in, tags are not on the top of the pile functionality wise in the SE sites. ...
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Which language tag should we use for troubadour poetry?

On Literature.SE we have language tags for non-English literarture. However, I'm not sure about the language tag we should use for troubadour literature. According to Wikipedia, troubadour poetry is ...
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Can we become an exception to the 5-tag limit?

Stack Exchange doesn't allow a single question to have more than 5 tags. Here on Literature, this can be a problem and mean we need to remove tags which 'should' really be on the question. For ...
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Creating an [authorship] tag?

Yesterday, @verbose created a new tag authorship for the question What is the evidence that Jonathan Swift wrote "The Grand Mystery"? and @CDR added it to the old question What evidence do ...
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Would the tag [the-taming-of-the-shrew] also cover questions about The Taming of a Shrew?

We currently have a tag the-taming-of-the-shrew for the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew. However, there is also a play called The Taming of a Shrew (note the different article!), whose ...
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What should the [setting] tag be used for?

We have a tag setting with 7 questions so far: one, two, three asking about whether places in a story can be connected to real locations; one asking about when a particular story was set; one asking ...
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Should we tag song lyrics questions by composer or artist?

We've got a substantial amount of song-lyrics questions. So far, a lot of them are tagged with the artist (e.g. rolling-stones, radiohead), and a few with the composer (e.g. leonard-cohen). It's ...
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