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For questions regarding main-site posts in which translations are relevant, e.g. questions about translated works or passages.

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Are questions about translations in general on-topic?

This was prompted by this question: Does a translation editor need to know the language of the source document? Recently, a question was asked about the editing / translation process of a work in ...
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Attribution of translated quotations

Is it not policy on this site that quoted matter should be attributed to its author? If the quotation has been translated from its original language, does the translator deserve attribution as well? ...
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Are questions about details of translation of a book on topic?

Example question I had in mind: In this answer edit, someone changed my translation of a word "арбалет" from "arbalest" to "crossbow". In the context of translating the ...
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Translations, and books with different titles with respect to tags

I recently answered my first question on Literature, Yaay! Why does Meursault kill "the Arab" in The Stranger? The question is about a book by Albert Camus. The book was originally written ...
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