Requests to remove a tag, known as 'burnination'. For requests to synonymize/merge a tag, use the [retag-request] tag instead.

Use this tag for requests to remove a tag, known as 'burnination'.

In practice, burnination means editing every question individually, removing the tag and doing any other cleanup required. Moderators do not have any special tools for this purpose. The only folks who can summarily remove a tag are Stack Exchange employees, but they seldom take that action themselves unless the tag is especially egregious.

Burninating tags does not imply that they will be merged with another tag, synonymized with another tag, or blacklisted altogether. If your request is not to have the tag deleted, but to have it either merged or synonymized into another tag, use the tag.

Note that tags with no questions associated with then are automatically deleted by the system within 24 hours, so there is no need to raise a burnination request for such tags.

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