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No. For the same reason as we shouldn't edit the answer into any question once it's solved. For story-ID questions, the story title is part of the answer, not the question. Editing it into the question, even in the form of a tag, would make people do a quick double-take and think "why did they need to ask when the correct answer is already right there?" ...


Yes, your original version of the question was perfectly fine. This was already decided here. If I were to have seen Hamlet's edit in a review queue I would not have approved it as it significantly changes the meaning of the question, therefore I believe it is perfectly fine for you to return your question to its original state.


I agree these edits should not really be happening, but reverting them doesn't fix any problems unless the edit actually makes the post worse. For suggested edits, by all means reject them as 'no improvement whatsoever'; we want to discourage pointless edits, and rejecting it helps to teach editors what is and isn't appropriate. For people with the edit ...


My immediate reaction is that language is a terrible name for a tag. Not because the concept of language isn't one we should be discussing here (it is!), or that it doesn't have a clear definition in the context of literature (it may well do), but because it would almost certainly end up being misused. It's a common word in everyday speech, and people would ...


Turns out it was a valid edit after all. It seems the editor rejected it too hastily and the fact that I missed removing the URLs from the bottom of the markdown probably did not help. I see that the edit has been made now.


As I mentioned in my question I believe that it changes the meaning too much. I believe that the question was changed too much if the answer no longer fits the question. Lets look at the new question alongside with the old answer. The TL:DR of the answer is: TL;DR: a close reading of "The Final Problem" says YES, but a broader analysis would tend to ...

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