If you come across these, flag 'em and ask a moderator to clear the migration history. We were supposed to do that when shutting the site down, but it's possible we either forgot or these were migrated prior to the shutdown event.


I don't think we need to overthink this. Literature doesn't have many restrictive policies on what kinds of questions are welcomed; here's a few key points which might come to mind when thinking about migration: We don't take questions asking for recommendations or for lists of works satisfying some criteria. (SFF has the same policy on such questions, so ...


Not worth the trouble at this point. Standard migration paths are used when there are so many questions being migrated from site A to site B that it's worth getting the community of site A to help the moderators to manage the workload. At this point, with a total of 2-5 questions per day and 8 questions migrated away in the entire history of the site, we're ...

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