Before we think about visuals or text, we need to have a message. "Message" doesn't mean an elevator pitch or an ad blurb--that comes later. First we need to know what we have to offer and who we're offering it to. It's a feeling, a service, an invitation, an atmosphere. Why should people join our community, what can they expect, and what will be expected of ...


@CreationEdge created this image for me, over in Mos Eisley: Note: This is specifically for SFF. The other sites will have their own. This has been posted over at meta.sff.


Thank you for indirectly informing me that the quote I chose was from a Nazi sympathiser. I had no idea - I was just looking for nice and apt quotes to advertise Literature, without checking the political views of those who made them (I'd never heard of Ezra Pound before). Mea culpa. Here's the new ad on ELU: I hope there's nothing offensive about W.H. ...


Based on my thoughts shared last week, here's an ad! The text version uses handwriting kindly contributed by our own kristan. And a blank version for folks to customise with their own tagline: (Click through each ad to get a double-size version.)


It's really cool that you want to do this, but unfortunately we can't let you use the site logo for the account. The reasoning comes down to the way current trademark rules work. I won't belabor that point since you're clearly already familiar with our trademark guidance page. We absolutely support the idea of the initiative, though! For example, if and ...


How about something with famous literary quotations in it? A sample, which took me about 5 minutes and should probably not be considered "finished":


List of all reviews on the Tumblr page Rachel Rising by Terry Moore, 22 July 2017, Gallifreyan The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe, 12 August 2017, Rand al'Thor Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, 15 August 2018, Mithical The School for Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani, 10 March 2019, Mithical Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli, 4 April 2019, ...


A close up of a well-studied book. I'm imagining a tight close-up of a book, with all signs that somebody has been studying it and marking it up -- a highlighted passage; a note scribbled in the margin, a bookmark. (I'm not finding an attributed image I can copy here, but maybe an angled, close-uppier version of something like this.) I think that would ...


Woohoo! Thank you for setting this up; I was planning on doing it myself, but you got to it first ;) However, I'd recommend documenting exactly how this works. Who exactly can post tweets in the control room? What are the requirements for a message to get tweeted? Who do I contact to get access? any other such questions. Handy links: Twitter Control Room ...


Some ideas (to be expanded on later) ... Post ads on other forums. Someone already did this for Lit while it was still in Area 51. We can design a new description of the site, preferably something short and snappy which sounds attractive but still makes clear the nature of the site (Q&A not discussion, etc.), and post it on various other literary ...


I'd love to participate in submitting reviews to the blog. However, I have the following two questions before I make up my mind: Who owns the copyright to the content being published on the blog? I understand from this post on MSE that the content on SE network is licensed under "cc-wiki with attribution required". Does that also apply to the community-run ...


First Ten to a Get a Publicist Badge Kate Gregory (12 March 2017: How do we know Humpty Dumpty was an egg?) Mithical (29 July 2018: What is Hobbes?) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


First Ten to a Get a Booster Badge Kate Gregory (12 March 2017: How do we know Humpty Dumpty was an egg?) Mithical (5 April 2017: What is Hobbes?) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


An initial letter S with a beautiful miniature painting of a chronicler writing in a desk. I suggested this in chat as an alternative to images with just a letter L. The image comes from Képes Krónika, a famous codex of history from the 14th century.


I like @Hamlet's idea of an L, but I think that it would be a better idea if we had a magnifying glass, magnifying perhaps the word 'Lit'. This implies that we're about going into depth and analysis. Perhaps this 'Lit' could be made out of words, and the magnifying glass showing some of those words, but I don't know if that's necessary.

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