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All I see is darkness. It's even darker now. But here isolated in my Reverse World, everything is safe and nobody can bother me. Who needs people? Other people are hell.

Omori Inspirational Quotes

This game really captures those feelings so well. I particularly like the first quote.

You're caused so much suffering... yet you do nothing. And so you've earned nothing in return.

You friends will never forgive you. They'll abandon you like you did to them... and that's what you deserve.

You tell yourself that you don't want to burden others... But the truth is that you're selfish. You just don't want people to depend on you.

When do you think about others? How long are you going to let people take care of you? You say you care but you're a liar. You've never done anything for anyone else. You're useless... less than useless. You're sick.

Your friends are wrong about you. The person they love isn't you at all. You let them believe in a lie to protect yourself.

You're nothing but a liar... and when they see the truth... They'll hate you as much as you hate yourself.

If they know the truth, you'll never be able to regain their trust. No matter what you do, it will be hopeless. All you'll do is make things worse.

And of course these two:

Just because you did something bad, doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Everything is going to be okay.

Watamote Inspirational Quotes

Back then, I wanted to die. But this time wasn't as embarrassing. Maybe if we both do something together, the embarrassment gets split in half?

ReLIFE Inspirational Quotes

If I can't relate to someone, am I not allowed to be worried about them either? If I haven't had the same experiences, does that mean I don't get to care about you?

Shy Inspirational Quotes

So many hearts on this star... All locked away and hidden from sight, trapped inside these human-shaped cages. They are convinced that their true side needs to be hidden. By destroying these cages, I shall convince them otherwise. I shall let the world see, the true form of their hearts! How beautiful they truly are.

So I'm A Spider, So What? Inspirational Quotes

Even if I don't belong, I'll exist out of pure spite!!

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