B. Clay Shannon

My app "Flix 4 Fams," which contains data for almost half a million movies created from 1920 to 2020, is available in the Microsoft Store:

enter image description here

You can probably easily figure out what it does by seeing how it appears at startup:

enter image description here

What you don't see is if you click any of the images along the bottom of the form, it opens the corresponding product page at amazon.com. Also, if you select a movie in the grid, a button becomes visible which allows you to rent or purchase the movie from amazon.com.


I have lived in eight states; besides my native California (where I was born and where I now again reside) in chronological order I have infested: New York (Brooklyn), Montana (Helena), Alaska (Anchorage), Oklahoma (Bethany), Wisconsin (New Berlin and Oconomowoc), Idaho (Coeur d'Alene), and Missouri (Piedmont).

I am a writer of both fiction (for which I use the nom de guerre "Blackbird Crow Raven", as a nod to my Native American heritage - I am "½ Cowboy, ½ Indian") and nonfiction, including a two-volume social and cultural history of the U.S. which covers important events from 1620-2006 and can be downloaded gratis here.